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Creative Marketing of your Home

Strategic and Tailored Listing Strategy

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Specializing in Historic Homes and Lofts

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Sold by Nika & Co

historic homes and lofts

The firm brings a deep knowledge of the historic homes found in Detroit, along with knowing how to navigate the nuances that come with them.

1457 Seyburn St

West Village

1120 Chicago Blvd

Boston Edison

2060 Longfellow

Boston Edison

1300 Wales Ave

Huntington Woods

2275 Chicago Blvd

Boston Edison

1402 Campbell St


Creative Marketing

our approach to

We position your property to sell with our team of creative professionals telling the story of your home through photo, video, and design.





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social media

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Reels, Stories, and Feed features to our 2,800+ followers


professional and elevated


email campaign

emails delivered straight to 2,700+ buyers and agents

Our emails have an astounding 40% open rate. In the world of email marketing, an open rate that high is unheard of.

Listing Strategy

strategic and tailored

Everything from the listing timeline of your home to the listing price of your home is strategically determined and custom tailored.

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Sharing with our Internal Network

Sneak Peaks and Previews on Social

Email Marketing and Campaign Feature

Active Listings Promoted on Social

Open House Promotion

listing timeline

what to expect

Pre-Listing Walkthrough

Prepare the Home for Listing

Offers, Negotiations, Inspection, and Appraisal

Closing Table

First Impressions

experiential and memorable

We set the mood at our open houses for your buyers first home experience with live or curated music, food, and refreshments.

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sold by nika & co

A big move, a small move, a move for lifestyle or a move for professional development. Sought out from all over the world, we are your Detroit Real Estate Experts.